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Marco Schaaf was born in Zurich and attended school in Basel.

At the "Kunstgewerbeschule Basel" he learned academic drawing and later studied professional photography at the Photographic Institute of the "Kunstgewerbeschule Zürich".

In between semesters he began exercising what would become one of his great passions - travelling. He took extended trips to Turkey and Iran.

In 1973 Marco Schaaf entered professional life, first working in Switzerland and Milan as an assistant to fashion photographer Klaus Zaugg and later freelancing in commercial photography throughout Europe.

His first trip across the Atlantic yielded work in Los Angeles and New York. Heeding an "inner call", Marco travelled to South America. He and a business partner established a design studio and photography atelier in Ecuador and operated it for three years.

Upon his return to Europe he liberated himself of the dependence on technical devices and focused on drawing. As independent contractor with emphasis on layout illustration and story boarding he cooperated closely with several advertising agencies in Zurich and beyond.

He has established himself in the fields of Editorial illustration, Illustration of user Infograhics and the creation of Fictional characters, Mascots and Identification figures.

Most of all, Marco Schaaf loves good stories. He enjoys telling them, and his international clientele appreciates the narrative quality of his illustrations.


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